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resume tips

How To Craft A Resume That Will Get You Noticed

Want to get noticed? Create a great resume and you’re a large part of the way there. Here are some…
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How To Become A Better Teacher

Ask any teacher what they hope to accomplish with their career and they will most likely answer that they want…
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quality surveyor

Building Industry Career Tips: Quality Surveyor

If you want to avoid getting stuck working a dead-end job and have a rewarding and successful career instead in…
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video cv

12 Great Video CV Ideas

It can be tricky to create the most attentive, funny, and best video CV.  You need to make sure it…
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lab technician

Pharmaceutical Career Opportunities: Lab Technician

  Looking for a career that can nourish both an interest in science and a passion for education? Consider becoming…
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get paid to test websites

20 Companies that hires you to test websites (Earn Up to $30/hr)

How about getting paid to give your opinion about websites? There are companies who will pay you to test websites….
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greeting card writer

4 Steps on becoming a greeting card writer

Have you ever been into a drugstore and saw the greeting cards and thought to yourself, ‘the person who wrote…
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customer service

How to get hired for a Customer Service position

If you like the idea of being able to work directly with customers, a job in customer service may be…
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Clinical Research Associates Guide

Clinical research associates (CRAs) often dream of getting a job with one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies but don’t…
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primary school teacher

Important Information About Becoming A Primary School Teacher

Primary school teachers work with students who range in age from 5 to 11 years old. Their responsibilities not only…
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