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How To Craft A Resume That Will Get You Noticed

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Typically to Land a job, you must first submit your resume and then do an interview. When doing an interview, you must be prepared in answering questions, like answering “What motivates you” in an interview and answering “Describe yourself” in an interview. When writing a resume, you need to write one that will get you noticed.

Here are some great resume tips that will help you put together a resume that attracts all the right attention.

1. Format

Think carefully about what format to use. It is traditional to start by putting down your most recent job and then going from there.

However, just because this format is commonly used does not mean that it is best.

For example, do you have a lot of different skills that don’t really fall into any one category?

Consider listing achievements and skill descriptions in addition to your work history.

2. Technology

The world has certainly changed in the past few decades. Most employers now ask that you send your resume via email, rather than dropping it off or mailing it in.

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Doing so actually opens up a lot of options for you.

Since you won’t be printing the document, you can get creative with color and images.

Make sure to save your resume as a PDF file, however, or your prospective employer may not be able to view your resume the way you intended.

3. No Errors

One of the quickest ways to be dismissed by a potential employer is to submit an email riddled with errors.

Have someone else look over your resume before you submit it. That individual will often find small mistakes that you miss, simply because you have been looking at the document for so long, and you read it the way it should be written.

A spell checker can be useful, but it should not be the only thing that you rely on. Ask someone that has an English background to double check for you.

4. Content

You must have some detail on your resume, but you don’t need to include every little thing that has happened to you, particularly if it happened a long time ago.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to secure an interview suggest Arielle Executive.

Include information that will help you reach that goal.

Take out any details that aren’t going to help you succeed.

5. Use First Person

Don’t “speak” in the first person on your resume. That is to say, you should never use words like “my,” “our,” “I,” or anything similar. Instead, you need use the first person silent form of speech. You wouldn’t say, “I collaborated with” but would instead say “Collaborated with.”

As long as you get your point across, you don’t need to have full sentences on your resume.

6. Accolades

Why should the employer hire you instead of all those other people that are applying for the job?

How do you stand out at work and what value do you bring to a company?

Let your resume showcase the best parts of you as a worker, so that you stand out to anyone that is reading it.

7. Positivity

Do not be negative on your resume. Employers want someone that is going to be a bright light in the workplace. If your resume is very negative, it is easy to assume that you will be that way in person as well.

Last Updated: June 5, 2019

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