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get paid to test websites

20 Companies that hires you to test websites (Earn Up to $30/hr)

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How about getting paid to give your opinion about websites? There are companies who will pay you to test websites.

The best part is you don’t need to have any prior experience and you can do work as a website tester from home, from anywhere in the world.

In this article you’ll learn:

get paid to test websites

How website testing works?

The reason why companies hires people to test their websites is to identify functionality issues on the website such as links that don’t work, distorted images, ease of navigation, malfunctioning online stores or distorted website pages.

Website owners want to make sure that their website works well and is a positive experience for all their website visitors.

The great thing about this is that you don’t need experience.

Here’s how website testing works

  1. You sign up to one of the user testing platforms (See the list of companies that will pay you to test websites below)
  2. You may be required to download a screen recording software which records your screen and your voice while you test the website.
  3. The website owner posts a job detailing the website to be tested and the instructions; the steps you should take, and where on the website you should focus on
  4. Most times the jobs are on a first come first served bases, so you grab the job as soon as you see it and go through the process.
  5. You Test the site, following the instructions and verbalizing your thought process and your experience with the site and once the process is done and approved, you get paid.

get paid to test apps and websites

There are different scenarios of website testing that you may encounter:

  • Sometimes the website owner may ask you to visit the site, spend a few minutes browsing, then ask you questions about how user friendly the site was for you.
  • You may be asked to visit and add products to a shopping cart and describe the ease of the process
  • In other cases, the website order may ask you to search for things on the site and ask you how easy or hard it was to find that specific thing.
  • In some cases you maybe asked to video yourself while you test the website

How do you get paid for testing websites?

You can get paid by payoneer (Sign up for a payoneer card and get a $25 bonus) or paypal.

payoneer card

How much money can you make as a website tester?

How much money you make depends on a few factors such as how many test you do, the platform you use, duration and requirements of the text and the text itself.

Generally speaking each text lasts 10-20 minutes and on average is $10 per test on desktop and $15 per test on mobile and tablet. Some sites are a little more or a little less.

You can make hundreds of dollars per month if you join more than one website testing platform and dedicate some time into it.

If you are lucky and keep your eyes out for tests, you can make up to $60 in 1 hour.

What do you need to become a website tester?

  1. A computer and Fast speed Internet. Also if you have smartphones and tablets, that’s also a plus as some companies offers the ability for you to perform website tests on your mobile.
  2. A computer microphone. In order to do website tests, the website owner will need to hear your voice clearly as you talk through the process and a microphone does the trick.

You wont need a fancy/expensive one.

A simple microphone is just fine.

Sometime your built-in microphone (that comes with your computer) is good enough to work.

But if it has background noise, then it’s best to buy a microphone.

Companies that pays you to test websites

Ok so now that you know what testing website is all about, how it works, where you get paid and how much you can get paid, let’s jump into the important part…

Companies that pays you to test different websites.

Below are the top recommended legit companies that pays you to test websites:

1. User Testing

This is one of my favorites and the first platform I’ve ever used to test websites.

Each test lasts 10-20 minutes and you are paid $10 through paypal, 1 week after each test is done.

work online from home

You first need to sign up and take a sample test, once approved, you can start working on testing real websites.

With UserTesting, you are required to download a screen sharing software and speak your thoughts aloud as you test the website.

Not only do UserTesting gives you the opportunity to test websites, but also to test apps.

You can use your phone and/or tablet to test apps, you get paid $15 for each test done with your phone/tablet.

To do tests with your phone or tablet you will first need to successfully complete 5-10 desktop website tests.

After which, User testing will ship to you a special camera that will be used to record test on your phone. This special camera must be shipped to a USA address.

Payment Details: $10 – $15 via paypal 1 week after test has been approved

Apply here:

2. TestingTime

With Testing Time, you will need to have skype installed on your computer, and you will do a skype call with the website owner who will walk your though the testing process and you will perform test on their apps, products or websites.

The test usually lasts 30 minutes to 1 and a half hour and the pay is usually around $53 USD.

Payment Details: $53 via paypal

Apply here:

3. UserZoom

With UserZoom, you can test websites using your mobile and desktop. You must download the UserZoom software to record your video and audio while providing feedback.

You must first sign up, complete your profile and then download the UserZoom’s testing software.

You can do all this for free.

Once done, you will be invited to partake in website testing jobs.

Many tests last 10 to 20 minutes and the pay is between $5 and $10 USD.

You will receive payment through paypal, 21 businessdays after your test has been approved.

Payment Details: $5 – $10 via paypal 21 business days after test has been approved

Apply here:

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4. MyCrowd

With MyCrowd, you will get paid to find bugs on websites, each bug you find, you will be compensated for by the website owner.

Basically you compete against other website testers to find bugs and win prizes and money. 

The platform lets you see what bugs have already been found, so you don’t have to waste your time.

Companies state on their site or app how much they will pay for each bug found on their website.

You can earn bonuses for finding the most bugs.

You get paid for every bug found.

Payment Details: Payment varies. Payment will be made via paypal as soon as test has been approved

Apply here:

5. Userlytics

Tests with Userlytics lasts 10-20 minutes and you usually get paid $10 through Paypal as soon as your test is approved.

Payment Details: $10 via paypal as soon as test has been approved

6. StartUpLift

With StartUpLift, you will test websites for startup companies.

You can perform unlimited number of test and each accepted test/feedback is $5 which is paid through paypal every Monday.

Payment Details: $5 for each accepted feedback, paid via paypal weel;u on Mondays

Apply here:

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7. UsabilityHub

UsabilityHub has design surveys and user tests.

Unlike other usability platforms they don’t pay you through cash, they pay you through credit which you can cash out with paypal once you reach 200 credits.

One credit is $0.10, and the tests usually last around 1 minute, having different amount of questions that you have to respond to.

Majority of the tests pay 1 credit for each response, some might pay a bit more.

If you continuously take ttests, you can make $6-$10 in one hour.

Payment Details: 1 credit$0.10 per test that usully last 1 minute, paid via paypal after 200 credits and each successful test

Apply here:

8. TestBirds

With Testbirds you will be paid to test bugs in software and websites and you can also get paid for testing new software and apps. 

You will be paid 20 Euros or  ~$21 USD. Test takes about 20 minutes.

Payment Details: $21 per test. Get paid via paypal or direct deposit to your bank account, in the middle and at the end of the month

Apply here:

9. UserBrain

With Userbrain you can test websites using you iOS device and/or Google Chrome browser.

Tests usually lasts between 5-15 minutes and you get paid $3 for each test and you get paid via paypal.

To get started, you will need to sign up and download their iOS or chrome app.

You will need to take a sample test before you get accepted and you will need to record your screen and voice your feedback while doing tests.

Payment Details: $3 via paypal, paid weekly

Apply here:

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10. TryMYUI

With TryMyUI, you’ll  need to video record yourself during the testing process.

You will need to provide feedback of apps and website and complete a short written survey relating to your feedback of the website or app.

The tests usually lasts 20 minutes and pays $10 via Paypal on Fridays.

Payment Details: $10 via paypal weekly on Fridays

Apply here:

11. uTest

Not only will you get paid for testing websites, apps, ebook, etc but you can also get paid for trying software and apps, taking surveys, finding bugs and more. You can also get bonuses.

Pay rate varies per project.

Payment Details: Payments vary, pays via payoneer or paypal on the 15th and last day of every month

Apply here:

12. WhatUsersDo

To start working with Whatusersdo, you must first sign up and do a sample test.

Once accepted, you will be emailed invitations to test websites.

You will be paid £8 per test, that is $11+ USD. (almost $10 USD).

You’ll be offered more tests for high-quality feedback.

You are paid via PayPal on the 25th of each month.

Payment Details: $11 via paypal on the 25th of each month

Apply here:

13. Ferpection

Unlike the other sites, you won’t need to voice your feedback or video yourself.

Instead, all you would have to do is to write your feedback and send it.

With Ferpection, you can test websites, apps and software.

Payment Details: pay varies, payment is via voucher or paypal, once per month

Apply here:

14. Enroll

With Enroll, you can take quick website tests to make the web a better place and help company decide on the best web decisions such as decide on a logo or provide your opinion on content. 

It usually only requires you to answer a few quick answers to questions.

Persons as young as 13 years old can participate in these tests. 

Payment is made via paypal once per month and you can withdraw as little as $1 at a time.

Payments varies and depends on size and complexity of each test.

Payment Details: $1-10 via paypal, once per month

Apply here:

15. UserTest

To test website on UserTest, you must download a screen sharing software and take a sample test when you sign up.

This company is very selective in it’s hiring process, and only accepts 5% of those who apply.

The tests usually lasts 20 minutes and pays £8 or $11 USD per test.

Payment Details: $11 via paypal 1 week after test has been approved

Apply here:

16. 99Tests

99tests is a crowdsourced type of testing platform where developers and companies provides opportunities for testers to find bugs and other  issues on their apps, websites or software. 

Payment Details: Payment varies. Payment will be made via paypal or PayU monthly. 

Apply here:

17. UserFeel

Like many other platform with UserFeel, you will need to speak your feedback aloud as you go through the website testing process.

In the test you will talk about what you liked, what you didn’t like, what’d you’d recommend, etc.

You will need to perform a sample test before you get accepted. 

This company pays $10 per test weekly though Paypal and the tests usually lasts around 15 minutes.

Payment Details: $10 per test via payoneer or paypal 1 week after test has been approved

Apply here:

18. ErliBird

Some tests require you to have screen capture recording or microphone, but the main requirement is just to have a computer and high speed internet.

You will get paid to test website, apps and software.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate.

Payment Details: Payment varies. Payment will be made via paypal 1 week after test has been approved

Apply here:

19. pays you to find issues and bugs on website. You can also get paid to rate apps, even if you don’t find any bugs or issues.

Payment Details: Pays up to $50 per bugs found and varying amounts for apps rating. Pays once monthly through payoneer, paypal and skrill. 

Apply here:

20. Analysia 

With Analysia, each tests takes about 15 minutes and pays around $10 through paypal.

New tests that you qualify for will be sen to you via email.

You can take one test per day. .

Payment Details: $10 via paypal

Apply here:

Final thoughts

Website testing is a great way to work from home and make money online. And in my opinion the pay is good for most of these site. $10 for just a 10-20 minute test is a pretty decent amount.

I’d suggest signing up for multiple usability testing platforms to raise your chance of earning as much as you can.

This can really make a difference and add extra money in your pocket at the end of each month.

Last updated: August 18, 2018

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