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4 Steps on becoming a greeting card writer

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Have you ever been into a drugstore and saw the greeting cards and thought to yourself, ‘the person who wrote this must be an high end author’. Well, it’s easier than you think, even you can become a greeting card writer and get paid to do it.

Getting a job as a greeting card writer doesn’t necessarily require specialized credentials (Although some companies prefer you to have a bachelors degree), so anyone with the strong writing skills, creativity and the ability to come up with thoughtful, funny or meaningful phrases can become a greeting card writer.

Here are 4 steps on how to become a greeting card writer:

Step 1: Develop your writing ability

As a greeting card writer you should master the art of writing in a variety of styles. Get as many greeting cards as you can and study the differences between the style, presentation and language of each card.

Practice writing 4-9 line of short, punchy messages, focusing on conveying a distinct message and expressing yourself clearly. Start practicing to write in a ‘specific’ voice.

You should be able to express different sentiments for varying occasions. For example, you should be able to write cards for birthdays, get well soon, Mother’s day, weddings, graduations, and varying other occasions.

You should also become verse in different writing styles.

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Not all greeting cards are short and punchy, some are colorful, some are jokes, while some are long and sentimental.

Literary techniques such as meter, basic organization and structure and rhyme schemes are highly valued commodities in a greeting card writer.

Research companies and their writing styles to determine what companies you should approach for employment and what type of cards the companies likes to write.

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You should also consider putting together a portfolio, it can include sections of poetry and/or short phrases that outline your precise and clear writing styles for greeting cards.

Step 2: Undertake an internship

If your aim is to work for a big greeting card company like American Greeting or Hallmark, then your best bet is start as an intern. Some card companies offer internships to persons who want to write greeting cards.

It’s a great way to gain exposure, get your foot in the door, learn valuable experience on different writing styles and possibly work for that company after you complete your internship.

To apply for an internship, you may be asked to submit samples of your writings.

Ensure that your writing samples follows the specific format and guidelines of the company.

To find an internship at a greeting card company, go to the careers section of their website and look for internship opportunities or contact them directly.

Step 3: Start out as a Freelancer

A freelancer is an independent contractor that can work for many different companies at the same time and is not contractually obligated to a particular company.

One method of gaining experience as a greeting card writer is to freelance for smaller writing card companies that are interested in ‘online idea submissions’.

You can find these companies by simply searching google and contacting or visiting their website and submitting your ideas. Be sure to follow their submission guidelines.

Step 4: Apply to a greeting card company

If you’re ready to apply to greeting card companies with your innovative, fresh and memorable writing, then you should start submitting your resumes and portfolios to greeting card companies.

If you get hired, you can look forward to a sizable paycheck and a fast paced environment.

Salaries for professional greeting card writers ranges from $50,000 – $60,000 per year.


Here is a list of 7 Greeting card companies that you can apply to as a start:

1. Nobel works cards – The pay varies, be sure to ask.

2. Blue Mountain Arts – They pay $300 per poem for the rights to publish it on a greeting card.

3. Oatmeal studios – The payment details isn’t mentioned on the website, contact them directly for further information.

4. Calypso Cards – They pay $50 for each accepted idea.

5. Smart Alex – The payment per accepted submission is $50-$75.

6. Viabella – This company didn’t specify payment details, but did say, “Payment can vary quite a bit depending on the submission type and number of pieces. Typically art earns more than writing; humor writing pays more than traditional writing.”

7. Rsvp – This company did not specify payment details, but a representative did say that it varies by “industry standard.”

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