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What to expect from a career in the legal profession

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Are you thinking of practicing law? The legal profession has several advantages to anyone who is in this career.

It all starts with preparing for LAW entrance exams and joining a LAW school then the following perks of being an advocate follow:

  • A lawyer is the Leader of the Pack

Ideally, law students are taught the doctrines of the law; however, from a broader perspective, they are taught how to lead people (the world).

It’s all about sound governance; the ability to make should judgments or decisions based on reasoning and facts as opposed to emotions.

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Such are the principles that drive the merits of any case in the courtroom. As such, the attorney should be able to make hard choices that put the client’s interest first.

  • So much in Law

In gone days, law students would choose a career path for their practice, either civil or criminal law. However, things are different today, cyber, human rights, commercial, mediation, environment, intellectual property rights, and corporate law as some of the many other options open to LAW graduates. There is a lot of change occurring as this post from IDEX shows.

  • Numerous Job Placements

Students are less likely to hunt for jobs in lucrative law firms if they graduate from the top Law Schools.

In fact, opportunities come looking for these individuals even before they graduate. Top corporate houses and law firms in the country set placement targets every year to ensure their HR departs fish the country’s top law talents.

So, landing such an opportunity involves preparing well for LAW entrance exams and joining and graduating from a reputable LAW School.

  • A profession that pays well

IIMs and IITs are no longer the go-to-choices in the country when eyeing an excellent job after law school. Today, a law graduate can earn a salary equal to or exceeds, that of graduates from Engineering Colleges and Business Schools.

  • Attorneys have a heart too

Many of the legal minds that graduate from Law Schools leave with an aspiration of making a big difference in the society and world at large.

As such, it is not just about the big bucks associated with being in the legal profession.

It is about giving voice to those that cannot speak up about their afflictions and defend themselves, about those that do not know about their legal rights let alone stand up and fight for the same.

  • A chance to reign Supreme

Every lawyer has that dream of roaming the halls of the Supreme Court or High Court.

Many of the practicing graduates from the “cream” Law Schools end up achieving this dream. And not only do their legal minds reign supreme in the courtrooms but also knows no geographical boundaries.

Career options stretch well into the International Court of Justice the U.N. and more.

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