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11 must see online data entry jobs

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12 Companies that offers Data entry jobs work from home

If you don’t have a specific skill, then you can do data entry jobs. Actually anyone can do data entry jobs online, it’s a great place to start. With so many online jobs scams out there, legitimate data entry jobs are hard to find. Here we have gathered a list of the top recommended online data entry jobs.

online data entry jobs from home

1. Data Entry Direct 

They have online data entry jobs available where you can work whenever, whereever and as little as you want. Job types includes: copy and pasting information, typing and transcription, data collection from online and from other sources and data validation and cleaning, checking that the data is up to date and correct. Click here to learn more 

2. Dion Data Solutions

With Dion Data Solutions you can work as a data clerk, they are looking for  part time home contracted vendors in the USA.You must be able to type 60 words per minute, be able to work independently with minimal supervision, have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

3. Upwork

There are various entry level job opportunities on Upwork that you can apply for. When you sign up for upwork (if you haven’t already), use the search bar to search for ‘data entry’. These jobs are open to everyone worldwide.

Below is a list of upwork data entry jobs, updated daily:

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With VOBA you can work from home as a data entry inputter or transcriptionist or audio typist. You must be able to type at least 75 words per minute. 

5. Clickworker

Work from home with Clickworker doing data entry and get paid weekly, these jobs are open to US and non-US residents.

get paid to write online

6. Amazon Mturk

Get paid through your bank account or amazon gift card for data entry work from home. When you sign up to Amazon Mturk, you can search for these data entry tasks.

7. Lionbridge

Lionbridge hires work from home data entry clerks. The minimum amount you need to earn before you are sent a payment is $30. They pay through Dwolla on the first and 16th of the month. You must complete an application and after that, there is an online test that you may need to do. It may take sometime before you know the status of your application since they may have a waiting list. 

8. Cass Info

With Cass Info you will be required to work on site for 90 days and after that you can transition to working from home. These data entry positions are available to persons who live in certain areas. Please visit the site to see if this applies to you:

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9. Great American Opportunities

Great American Opportunities is a fundraising company that hires data entry clerks to type their magazine subscriptions online. Although they do not advertise for data entry on their website, there is a waiting list and you can contact them via email and let them know that you are interested in the data entry keyer work from home job position. It’s usually a seasonal job and they pay per piece, per week via direct deposit to your bank account. Visit their website and send them an email:

10. Palm Coast Data

With Palm Coast Data, you can apply for data entry work from home job if you live in the Palm Coast, Florida region.

11. Quicktate

Apply to Quicktate and transcribe messages, letters, files, etc. You must be an accurate typist and be good at punctuating and detecting spelling errors. 

online data entry jobs from home

Bonus #1:

Speak Write

Work as an independent contractor from home with Speak Write and get paid up to $12 per hour. They are hiring general and legal typists. 

Bonus #2:

You can explore other data entry jobs here: . 

If you want a list of up to 2500 companies that is hiring data entry workers part time and fulltime click here.



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