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How to Make Your Social Worker Placement a Success

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How to Make Your Social Worker Placement a Success

As someone who’d like to become a social worker, there are a few things you should know ahead of time before taking on a placement role where you’ll get to work with different people. If you’re feeling nervous about the placement, these are some of the tips you should follow.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take on the Role of a Student Social Worker

Never hesitate to take on a role as a student social worker in the beginning. During this time, you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to ask assorted questions and get valuable answers to some of the things you may not have known beforehand. It’s a great way for you to get a better feel for the position while coming up with your own suggestions on how an office would be able to improve certain situations. Here are some extra tips from Service Care Solutions.

Social Worker

Don’t Lose Your Personality

Some people get a position and then act like robots, but this isn’t good for you or the people you’re going to help. Don’t lose your personality in the mix of things. If you find something of interest and you’d like to take that chance to work with a specific group of people, you should go for it because you can learn a lot of things along the way. It could help you decide what type of role you’d like to take on in the future.

Be Open to Different Solutions

When you’re studying to become a social worker, it’s easy to review different case studies and see what types of solutions worked best for those cases. However, those solutions may not work best for the different cases you’ll come across, so always make sure you’re open to trying out different solutions that will benefit the people you’re working with at the time.

Get to Know People

Focus on making connections with different people who are working all kinds of positions in the office. Not only will you get to know them a lot better, but you’ll get to learn a bit more about the roles they take on and how different things work together. You may want to ask to shadow some of the different workers to see what they’re doing each day and find out more about the cases they must handle regularly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Some Questions

Don’t hesitate to ask important questions. You can ask questions to your supervisor or other staff members who have been working in the field for many years. It’s great to get advice from these seasoned individuals because their experience in the field is something that could make it easier for them to answer the different questions you have.

Make an Effort

During the placement, you might feel like you don’t have a whole lot of time to get to know everyone. However, you should make sure you’re spending enough time putting forth an effort and building connections with the people you encounter. The effort you’re putting in could make such a huge impact on a person’s life.

Tough It Out

Some days are better than others. There are days when things might get a bit difficult. Don’t let the hard days get you down. Remember you have plenty of people supporting you while you’re working hard to make your dreams come true.

Each placement is different. You never know what to expect. It may be a bit frightening at first, but don’t be afraid to learn new information and get more experience in the field.



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