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Employee Time Tracking – The Little Things Count

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Proper employee time tracking has everything to do with time management and that will be the focus of the first half of this short guide from Track Time 24. Time management principles can be applied to help track employee work achievements and time spent on work projects.

Keep It Simple

Compare the performance of different teams within your organization in regard to their time tracking efforts. You are going to notice that some teams have more success. The secret to their success is going to be a time tracking formula that is super simple.

Whether spreadsheets are used or other time tracking tools, the process needs to be kept simple. A simple online tool is best, or you can opt for spreadsheet formulas to help you out. Do not use complex schemes or equations.

Make It Fast

Time tracking is meant to be done quickly and save you time. It is a time management tool. Filling out a timesheet or inputting data into a spreadsheet should take no longer than ten minutes each day. Pre-designed timesheets certainly help to facilitate the process. When working with software, use both task types and project categories to help with automatic entry.

Synchronize Employee Time Tracking

Unorganized time tracking creates a litany of problems, and managers have to waste even more time sorting it all out. There needs to be a synchronized system for employees submitting timesheets, requesting days off, etc. A time tracking tool is the absolute best method for synchronizing this data. The documentation process is then automated. Additionally, data is never lost.

Stay Organized

After getting your time management system in place, rules are necessary to avoid employee confusion down the road. These rules need to be kept simple and be made clear to all staff. In turn, you gain valuable insights from the accurate data from both timesheets and work reports and employees stay happy, too.

You can use project labels, and you can incorporate the same task categories as well. You also must come up with the minimal time unit for timesheets and remember to log both sick time and overtime. Everyone needs to be on the same page. Once you have accomplished this goal, work on actionable insights received from all of this valuable information.

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