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Can You Make Six Figures in the Hospitality Industry?

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There are six figure hospitality jobs available in all areas of the hospitality industry. You do not need to be a top chef, or general manager. You do not need to be a Branch Office Manager.

You will probably be out of the restaurant or hotel and into an office.

If you feel being a restaurant manager, or casino manager is the top of your pay scale then you might want to take another look at the industry.

This is especially true if you have moved up through the ranks. Statistically most executives have moved up through a company and have a long-term relationship with that company.

The executives may want new blood and new ideas at a middle management level, but they are not going to risk the financial health of the organization by bringing in an Ivy League super star from another industry.

The company you work for defines your income. You can earn over $100 000 right out of college in Hotel Management, if you are working for the right Hotel Chain, and the hotel you are working in is large enough. And, of course, if you have the right skillset.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that 12.9 million people work in the hospitality industry today. That is about 9% percent of the employment base. The Hospitality industry earns 2.3 of the GNP, and is growing at a rate between 5 – 10% each year. Where there is growth, there is opportunity. Where there is opportunity there is wealth.

For this article we focused on salaries that can earn six figures, before bonuses, profit sharing, or commission.

Experience or Education

This means a lack of education will not limit your job opportunities. In fact, if you think you can never make it as a restaurant manager then think again. On the general corporate hierarchy, a restaurant manager is only a launch pad to a general manger, Director, or other executive job.

There are many professionals that do not poses a formal academic education. The Director of Housekeeping at a hotel may not need a BA in Business, but they do need the skills needed to execute the job effectively, and without incident.

Even the director of housekeeping needs to look beyond scheduling and purchasing. It is also their job to lower employee turnover, increase productivity, and reduce loss/theft as well as improve the customer’s experience.

Director of Human Resources

Most of today’s hospitality companies need human resources managers and directors. Larger organizations have entire departments dedicated to trying to coordinate the hiring process and manage current employees.  While it is typical to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or human resources.

There are many management jobs in the hospitality industry that do not require a formal education. Education is necessary to become a Director. But, it may not be necessary to earn a six figure income.

Food and Beverage Director

The income potential in this category depends on where you work. A Casino Restaurant Manager may earn more than a Restaurant Director in a regional hotel.

Director of Sales

Sales, like in every industry, is the place for an ambitious, charismatic professional to build wealth. Some say you are born with the ability to sell. Others state that it is a learned behavior. Either way, if you dedicate yourself to this career path your ability to earn six figures should come earlier than with other career paths.

Talent Trumps Experience

Executive Chefs can earn a six figure income early in their career, mainly because these jobs are based on talent not where you earned your degree, or how many letters are behind your name.

Talent and experience may also help you land a Casino Manager’s job, over education.

When it comes right down to it the answer to ‘how much can I make’ when applying for hospitality jobs depends on your answer to this question, ‘How much can you make the company? How much time, money, and human resources can you safe the company.’

If you have an answer to this question, based on past experience and accomplishments then it is time to polish your portfolio and resume, and contact a hospitality Recruiter.

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