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how to make affiliate commissions

7 ways to earn more with affiliate marketing

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7  ways to earn more Affiliate Commission

If you are an Affiliate Marketer and you are not making commission then maybe you need to change your strategy.

Or if you’d like to start affiliate marketing and make up to 75% commissions on the sale of a product without selling anything, then continue reading.

affiliate commissions

In this article you will learn:

  • What affiliate marketing is all about and how to make commission from it
  • Why you are not making enough commission from affiliate marketing
  • 7 methods to increase/start making your affiliate commissions

how to make affiliate commissions

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company/advertiser pays up to 75% commission to an affiliate who promotes products to potential customers. In essence, you find a product that you’d like to promote, share the link of the product page to others via email, social media, blogging, etc and earn a share of that profit (commission) when the product is sold.

How to get started with Affiliate Marketing

There are many affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting products. Each of the affiliate programs has a variety of products to promote from: dieting to dating apps to pets care to food to childcare to gardening to weight loss, you name it. These affiliate programs provide you with different assets to promote the products, these include: link to the product page, banner images, videos, etc.

Here are the top affiliate sites that I have used and recommend:

  1. Clickbank
  2. Jvzoo
  3. CJ Affiliates
  4. Clicksure
  5. ShareASale
  6. Amazon Associates

Why am I not making money from affiliate marketing?

There is an opportunity to make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing, others are making money, why aren’t you? You might have tried different strategies but none of them seem to work.  Below are some possible reasons why you are not making it from this lucrative online business:

  • You don’t Promote the right products
  • You don’t know the right strategies to use for affiliate marketing or maybe you just dont use the strategies correctly
  • You have little or no knowledge of the product you are promoting
  • You totally neglect SEO (In cases where you are writing articles)
  • You don’t properly advertise the products you are promoting

7 ways to increase/start making your affiliate commission

Having established the possible reasons for not making huge profits from affiliate marketing, I have come up with five ways to help you improve your affiliate commission:

  1. Training:

In order to know the best strategies on how to find the right products to promote and how to actually promote them, you’ll need to learn from experts who are doing this every day and is making thousands of dollars from it.

You can get 2 full days of affiliate marketing training at an online summit. With this 2 day training, you can get the exclusive secrets on how to successfully start a profitable online business. You can attend this training right from your computer.

Training topics includes:

  • Affiliate marketing 101
  • First sale – 48 hours
  • Passive income scaling
  • Digital products 101
  • 5-step list building
  • Solo ads and email media
  • Facebook mastery
  • Creating Autoresponders
  • Writing broadcast emails
  • And much more

To attend this 2 day training, click here.

2. Create flashy and well written sales pages for the product you are promoting:

A sales page a web page where you write reviews about your products and embed links, videos and other pictures that will prove the authenticity of the product.

3. Solo Ads:

Solo ads is a method of advertisement where you pay a person with a huge email list to sends you sales page link to the persons that’s on their email list. By doing that you get to send your sales page link to many different people, and if they buy the product, you get paid a commission. You can buy solo ads on warrior forum.

4. Test the product and write a review of the product:

By writing a review of the product you can promote it. You can write about the benefits of the product and how it can help potential customers. After you have written a review, you can add the link to the product’s page, so persons can potentially buy the product.

5. Do not neglect SEO:

After creating sales pages, doing some research on setting up SEO for the page can improve your earnings. This exposes your products to Google search results thereby increasing the number of people that get to see your sales page and purchase the product.

6. Create eBooks and videos:

Giving away free ebooks (with a link to the product inside the ebook) and creating videos about the product are effective ways of getting people to click on your product links. Creating and sharing them will go a long way to making your affiliate links go viral and thereby creating additional sales.

7. Social media:

Social media networks are still active and potential sources of revenue for affilliate marketer. Just spend some few bucks on advertising on social media networks and begin to reap from it.



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