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How to create QR code in Excel

How to Create QR Code in Excel [VIDEO]

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If you’d like to create a QR code in Excel, watch this video to see how to How to create a QR code in Excel easily and quickly.

Steps To Create a QR code in Excel


To Create QR codes in Excel, please see the following steps (also watch the video above):

  1. In the first column, include your website urls
  2. In column 2 row 1, add this script: =IMAGE(“×150&data=<“&YOURDATAGOESHERE&”>”)
  3. Highlight the text that says “YOURDATAGOESHERE” then click on the column 1, row 1 cell. This will replace “YOURDATAGOESHERE” with your website url. And now you will see your QR code generated.
  4. Click on Column 2, row 1 and drag the cell down to populate the other cells in column 2 and to generate the QR code for each website.

The QR codes generated in Excel will work if your use your phone to scan the QR code.

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