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Traveldium Review – Cheap Airline Ticket and Hotels

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With so many Travel companies around, you might come across Traveldium and wonder who are they, what they do and are they worth your time.

I’ve been using this travel company for a while now and I decided to write a review of it to provide information for some people who may not know about it or may be wondering if they should give Traveldium a try.

Let me start by explaining what is Traveldium

Traveldium is a travel company that allows you to book flights and hotels in over 130,000 destinations across the world. Traveldium uses search engines so that you can search and compare prices from different airlines and hotels in your destination to ensure that you get the most reasonable prices.

Traveldium also offers other travel services in addition to flights and hotel to all the countries around the world like Mexico, France, Jamaica, United States, Egypt and much more. They offer services such as: car rentals, airport transfers, tours and attractions and bus and train tickets.

Another cool feature that is offered through them is international sim cards so that you can stay connected anywhere in the world.

Also, incase your flight has been cancelled or delayed, they facilitate a travel compensation service in which you can get up to €600 in compensation for delayed or canceled flights.

Pros – Traveldium Review

  • They have a very friendly staff that is highly responsive to any questions you have about your travel needs, they go above the call of duty to help.


  • Their site is easy to navigate and use. Not too complicated or confusing


  • I can get some good hotel and flight deals when I’m booking my trips


  • I liked that it’s an all in one, it’s a one stop shop travel company that I can get all my travel needs in one place. Like I can book my flight and my hotel plus check out and book different tours and attractions that I want to do during my trip. Also have my airport pickup so I don’t have to stress about reaching to my destination once I land in the airport. I can also rent a car ahead of time, so I’ll have it once I’m in the country or if I don’t plan to rent a car, and I need to ride by bus or train, I can schedule tickets ahead of time so I don’t have to join the long lines. Additionally, if my flight is cancelled or delayed, I can hop onto and submit a claim to get money back for the cancelled flight.


  • makes it easy to find flights and hotels. If you are looking to fly to a destination that is served by more than one airline, Travedium does a great job of showing you different options based on carrier, time and price. Same thing goes for hotels. Also they have a handy list of filters on the sidebar that helps you to customize your search and serve you exactly what you need.


  • I was able to get a couple of deals and discounts using this travel company.

traveldium deals

Cons – Traveldium Review

  • doesn’t have “Mystery Deals”


Final Thoughts

If you like to do comparative searches when booking flights and hotels so you can get the best prices then Traveldium is definitely a good option for you.

It’s easy to use and makes your trip easier to plan your trip when you need to have airport pickups or car rentals, or you want explore your destinations with tours and attractions.

It’s an all in one travel boutique where you can get all your travel needs. If you’re looking for a smooth trip without much fuss, Traveldium helps you save time and money when you plan your next trip.

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