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Tips for doing Social media jobs on upwork

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Last Updated: September 22, 2018

Upwork has one of the largest calalog of online social media jobs.

The roles of a social media strategist

You’re main role is actively use social media to reach the most relevant audience on behalf of your client’s business.

upwork social media jobs

As a social media freelancer you should have:

  • A good understanding of social media platforms that are aligned to your clients’ business
  • Passion for helping your clients’ business to succeed
  • A deep understanding of marketing
  • Knowledge about connecting with social media audiences

social media jobs upwork

You’re responsibility as a social media freelancer:

  • Create thoughtful, original content whether it may be videos, writing or images
  • Maintain engagement of audience by regularly sharing branded contents from your client and content from other sources. The news or information should be relevant.
  • Create a social media strategy to gain relevant followers and nurture them into customers

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  • Actively and responsively respond to audience feedback and comments
  • Build a social media presence for the clients business to prospects, current customers, business partners and the general public
  • Be in the know how of latest trends and news in social media and the best practices
  • Set SMART goals with your client
  • Analyze results and create a report of the metrics that’s meaningful to the client’s business and present it to the client monthly

Information you will need from your client to start working

  • What is the client’s brand – Do they have a brand guideline? Do they have personas developed for their business? Ask for it! Not only Ask for their logo, color schemes, etc you’ll also need to know the tone of the company what experience they’d like people to have when people engage with their business.


  • What is the client trying to achieve – The client need to have a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goal. A goal of ‘Going viral’ is certainly too vague and isn’t always realistic. A realistic goal would be something like ‘Increasing Facebook followers by 20% by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2018’. Find out what their objective is and manage their expectations


  • The scope of the work – It’d be best to have written documentation of general company information (Company description, company history, specific business needs, audience etc) and a SMART Goal. If the client doesn’t provide this written document, you can write it yourself based on conversations you had with the client.


  • Client’s social media history – Do they have existing social media presence and accounts? What worked for them in the past? What content did they use in the past? With this information, you can build on what’s been done before or completely revamp the process with your best practices.

Key Qualities of a social media pro

  • Creativity – As a social media marketer, you should have a creative personality as you’ll be the one responsible for managing the ‘social’ online presence of your client’s business and creating, recycling or re-purposing interesting, engaging, fun content.


  • An understanding of how business and social fits together – You should understand how to effectively run a social media business campaign. You have a good understanding of channel algorithms, admin features, post optimization and how to drive activity. You should also be able to write in such a way that aligns with the client’s brand sound/voice.


  • Be able to multitask – You should be able to juggle multiple social media platform at once, keeping up to date on what’s happening on each platform. You should be able to have multiple platforms and answer multiple questions, being responsive on each social platform


  • Be enthusiastic about social media – You should be passionate about your work and what you are doing and have a strong drive to reach the customer’s business goal

Pro tip: Ensure that your public social media platform represents you well. It should provide insights to your approach to social media. A client might just check out your social profile before they consider hiring you, therefore, it’s important that your social platform is professional.

Tips for preparing for the social media job interview

If you score a social media job on Upwork or any other platform, one thing to keep in mind is, instead of focusing solely on the numbers you rack up with your past customers, your interviewer may want to know your approach to social media.

Because to be frank, there are many factors that can contribute to the numbers you rack up in the past such as big advertising budgets, customer’s strong brand, strong PR, etc.

So in your interview, not only should you have the numbers you did in the past, you should also be able to answer questions about your approach to social media. 

How do you grow your audience? or How do you stay on top of news, social media activities and trends? What are the best practices you engage? Be prepared for those types of questions.

You should be able to explain to the interviewer tactics such as:

  • Keywords and hashtags
  • Optimizing new content
  • Re-purposing and recycling content
  • Listening to the client’s audience
  • How to reach relevant target audience

Bearing in mind everything mentioned above, I’m confident that you’d score a social media job on Upwork or directly with a company.

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