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career in social care

Do You Want A Career In Social Care

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What are the routes you can take to get into social work? There are various ways via higher-level study. You don’t need a degree for a career in social care, but you do need one if you want to become a social worker.

You have to have a postgraduate or undergraduate qualification if you want to get into social work. There are work-based routes you can take, but they do involve studying at a degree level or higher.

For example, in order to qualify for a Frontline programme, then you’ll need to have a minimum of 2.1 in a degree subject. Feel free to check out our advice on how to enter the social work industry and what kind of routes you can take to get into the profession.

career in social care

If you’re employed, then you might be able to continue with work by studying via the Open University. However, Open University does not arrange placement for social workers. Furthermore, you cannot receive funding from the NHS Business Services Authority.

Open University social work degrees are suitable for those who are currently working in the social care industry. For example, are you employed by a social care agency? Are you registered by your employer? If so, then Open University is likely for you.

There are many roles you can take on in social care, which employs over a million people. This is according to Skills for Care, which is a workplace development organisation.

They predict nearly 276,000 workers will be needed in the social care industry by 2025, which means there are many opportunities and the opportunities are likely to increase as time goes on.

There are many job roles. These roles range from providing support as a social care worker or working in an administrative position. Some of these positions include team leader, care coordinator, senior care worker and independent living adviser.

You have many options out there and we encourage you to take our advice on how to get into the social care sector and the kinds of jobs that are out there. Here is a good guide on what to expect from Charles Hunter Associates.


There are apprenticeships available in related fields to social care, as well as social care itself, which is a great option for those who don’t want to enroll in university but do want to earn higher level qualifications.

For example, if you want to work in the adult social care field, then you can do an apprenticeships in various roles. These roles include lead adult care worker, adult care worker and lead practitioner in adult care.

If you earn a level five qualification, then you will be earning the same level qualification as an HND, which is a diploma of higher education.

This option is good for those who work in non-residential care or the managing residential care sector or for those who work in the area in a strategic planning role.

If you work in such a role, then consider earning your level five qualification, which may help you advance in your career or you might be able to receive a promotion in your current job.

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